Lately I’ve been driving around the U.S.A. for a trucking company, occasionally posting pictures.  Many of my posts are simply a photo and a latitude  and longitude or the latitude and longitude alone.  If you copy and paste the latitude and longitude into Google you’ll see a map of the location.

When I started this blog on September 23, 2004 I was much more opinionated. I’ve grown tired of making philosophical arguments. I don’t know why we are here and where we are going. If you’re interested in that sort of thing you can start here: [].

I’ve become interested in people who walk, bicycle, row, sail long distances. I’ve compiled a rather haphazard list of links here. []

Paltry Information

My mom used to take my sisters, my brother and me to the library. She told us, “You can check out as many books as you can carry.” I remember taking home ten or twelve books. I could have carried more, but once I had chosen a few I was ready to start reading.  My favorites were books about battleships, submarines, airplanes, bows and arrows.  I loved books with cut-away drawings, exploded diagrams revealing the inner workings of complicated machinery, how stuff works. In the beginning I never considered the time, effort and love required to produce such a book.  I’ve since expanded my reading diet. I’ll occasionally read a novel, but I still tend to prefer non-fiction. I’ve grown to appreciate a well-written description in place of an illustration. 

This blog pales in comparison to all the books I’ve enjoyed over the years, but I want to continue the tradition of people sharing their knowledge, research and experience with complete strangers. That’s my dream.  In reality the information content of this blog is paltry.  

Thank you for indulging me.