When I started this blog on September 23, 2004 I was much more opinionated. I’ve grown tired of making philosophical arguments. I don’t know why we are here and where we are going. If you’re interested in that sort of thing you can start here: [http://dedwarmo.com/2004/09/].

Lately I’ve been driving around the U.S.A. for a trucking company, occasionally posting pictures.

I’ve become interested in people who walk, bicycle, row, sail long distances. I’ve compiled a rather haphazard list of links here. [http://dedwarmo.com/adventurers/]

Shoes update

This is my second pair of Merrell Barefoot Bare Access shoes. This is what they look like after wearing them for about seven months. My last pair I didn’t wear when it got below 40°F, but I’ve decided to wear these at all temperatures and weather conditions. I’m sure I’ll reach a point where my feet get too cold and I decide to put on my boots. I’ll keep you posted. I mostly walk on pavement and the grassy shoulders of roads. I might walk a mile or two every day. I mostly sit behind the wheel of my truck. 

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Florida, New York

Latitude, Longitude
42.8972679, -74.0994733

I’ve been delivering loads to the Target store in Watertown, Massachusetts. I pick them up in Amsterdam, New York and drive about 190 miles along I-90 to exit 17 near Boston. I unhook from my loaded trailer and hook to the empty trailer that is there and drive back about 190 miles. I’ve been stopping for the night at the Pattersonville Travel Plaza.  It’s near the town of Pattersonville but the internet tells me I’m in Florida, New York. I’ll be going home to visit my mom and sisters for Thanksgiving, then it’s back out on the road. 

Canaan, New York

Latitude, Longitude
42.3634320, -73.4287100

I’ve been delivering loads from the Target Distibution Center in Amstersterdam, New York to stores in New York, Maine and Massachusetts. I’ll probably do this for a few more days and then I’ll start going back to regular over-the-road loads.