White Blaze

When you see a white blaze like this you know you’re on the Appalachian Trail.  I believe this was taken in Duncannon, PA. 


Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Latitude, Longitude
40.832978 -75.708595
I’ve been staying in Lehighton, PA to rest my feet. I’ve walked about 230 miles since April 21st.


Lehigh River

Latitude, Longitude
40.788578 -75.607912

Took this photo this morning. I’m on a side trail near where the Appalachian Trail crosses the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania.


Charging my phone

Latitude, Longitude
40.5627241, -76.0056038

Today I walked two miles off the trail (one way) to go to Walmart to buy food. Then I walked a little further to McDonald’s to sit next to an electrical outlet and charge my phone.  I’m trying to cut back on my time away from the trail and one thing I could do is charge my phone less often.  What would you think if I posted to my blog less often?

1186 Miles from Springer

Latitude, Longitude
40.495888 -76.466592
The Appalachian Trail starts at Springer Mountain in Georgia, mile 0. This photo was taken at mile 1186. I’ve hiked 163 miles since April 21st.


Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 

Latitude, Longitude
40.5338627, -76.4264255

Got a hiker shuttle to Comfort Inn. I need to do a resupply.  Met a couple new hikers, Sew Happy and Pete.  They decided to get a ride to a hotel. Cookie, who I’ve been hiking with for several days also decided to go to town to take care of a problem with her backpack.