A is for Amazon

If you start to type in the Google search box Google will suggest popular searches that begin with the letters you typed. This is what I got when I typed the different letters of the alphabet. No I don’t know what Zillow is.

a Amazon
b Best Buy
c Craigslist
d Dictionary
e eBay
f Facebook
g Gmail
h Hotmail
i IMDb
j JC Penney
k Kohls
l Lowes
m Myspace
n Netflix
o Office Depot
p Pandora
r Realtor
s Southwest Airlines
t Target
v Verizon
w Walmart
x Xbox 360
y YouTube
z Zillow

One Reply to “A is for Amazon”

  1. Interesting! I’ve done something similar for various combinations of letters, but I’ve never tried the whole alphabet. I just tried A-Z and got the same results that you did. I suppose that is to be expected, but I’m guessing it varies by region, since these are all words recognizable by English speakers. If I were in France, I bet I’d get different results. (I just remoted in to a PC in North Korea and tried it, but every letter comes up the same thing: “Kim Jong-il” ;-)

    By the way, Zillow is a real estate web site. It probably has many uses, but it’s a great site if you want to find out what a house has sold for.

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