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  1. Did anything look familiar from when we lived there? That was in the 70’s. In our “Memories” on page 20, I neglected to say what year we moved there, but I think it was 1975 because Grandpa died the next spring. Bob was around 15 so that means you were 7. Grandma and Grandpa lived next door in a little honeymoon cottage. It was our first experience with magnolia trees and dogwood. We lived two blocks from WIVE where Dad was the manager. Remember Butch, Jamie, and Benji, the Richmond Coliseum, the circus, going to D.C and the Arlington National Cemetery, touring the White House and the secret service agent letting you carry your stuffed dog with you – also visiting the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Wax Museum; went up the Washington Monument; visited Williamsburg on the 200th anniversary of the USA, the trip to Norfolk to see the Tall Ships, lots of trips to BJU for concerts, plays, film premiers, soccer games, Thanksgiving dinners, and picnics on Paris Mountain. Also went to Monticello in Virginia and Kings Dominion. Lots of great memories!

  2. I remember everything you described except the stuffed dog. I also have a memory of walking through the woods with Bob as though we were taking a short cut to WIVE. We turned around and went home instead of going all the way for some reason. I learned to ride a bike at that house. Some guy demolished our mailbox with his truck. So many memories.

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