2 Replies to “Big Cabin, OK”

  1. Did you like Big Cabin, OK? Was Big Cabin, OK OK? They should name a town “Enough already.” Or, they should have two towns, one named “I’m” and the other one named, “You’re.”

    If you make enough of these postings, some enterprising State Trooper could could figure out your average speed and send you a ticket ;-)

    Let’s see…..from Greensboro, NC to Hagerstown, MD, to Austinburg, OH, to Avon, OH, to Rochelle, IL, to Big Cabin, OK. Hmmm. That means you were averaging 66 MPH. Your ticket is in the mail. Too bad we can’t really tell. You need to add how many hours you were actually driving ;-)

  2. Truck drivers really can get a speeding ticket if they record on their log that they traveled between two cities in less time than it would take had they been following the speed limit.

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