Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been so busy doing other things that I haven’t had the time or interest in updating my blog.  One thing that has occupied my time is work.  As of tomorrow I will have worked sixteen days in a row without a day off.  This is a good thing because I need the money and I am learning new stuff at my job.  I love learning.  I was filling in for the Promotions Editor who was on vacation so I had to learn how to do part of his job.  It was hard work, but it was really fun, too.  The job involved taking various television commercials (promos) and putting our logo, time and date info at the end.  I also got to assemble video clips into a commercial for Get Down! Town.  Another project involved putting together a one minute movie intro for our 8pm Saturday Movie.  The different parts were created by other people in the Promotions department and I made them fit into a 60 second commercial that has Gina introducing the movie.

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  1. There’s nothing like a really fun job to make sixteen days in a row seem like nuthin’ Is it true that you didn’t notice you missed 2 weekends until the 14th day? ;-)

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