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  1. How did it feel going up that steep grade, and/or are there some that are steeper? Does your truck sound like it’s having a struggle when you do so?

  2. I actually didn’t go up or down this hill. It is near a Walmart Distribution Center where I had parked my truck. I was taking a walk when I snapped that photo.

    When I go up a steep hill the engine sounds the same as on level ground, believe it or not. I generally have to go slower than normal and use a lower gear. So far, I haven’t had to go up a hill that was so steep that it caused me trouble. It’s not unusual to go up a hill at 25 mph while cars pass me going 60 mph.

    1. I guess I underestimate the power of those big babies. When you go only 25 mph, what is the actual specific reason for that when other cars can go up the same hill at 60 mph? That is amazing. Can you tell if there’s a great strain on the motor, so you go slower? Or are you simply unable to go faster? But you said it sounds the same as driving on level ground.

  3. I went up a steep hill today and I paid attention to the sound. It does make a lower, deeper noise.

    Often I’m doing 55 mph as I begin to climb a hill. I keep the pedal pressed to the floor and the truck will slow down as it continues up the hill and loses momentum. The RPM’s drop and I have to downshift or the RPM’s will get so low that the engine would shut off. Eventually I reach a gear which allows the truck to maintain its speed. Depending on how steep the hill is I might only have to downshift one or two gears. If it is a really steep hill I may have to downshift three or four gears.

    1. Wow! It’s obviously not a simple matter. You really know your stuff and are a very careful driver. I’m sure Swift is thankful to have you, but I’m even more thankful for you because you are my son.

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