Car Free Day

Cars are smelly, noisy, heavy, dangerous and ugly. Even still, I drive a car just about every day. But on September 22 I will not be driving my car. People in the USA drive cars and trucks millions of miles every year. And many of those trips are ridiculously short. Most US cities are designed to accommodate cars and this sucks for people who like to walk or bicycle. Check out

3 Replies to “Car Free Day”

  1. Just for fun. I will ride my bike or walk wherever I go that day. Going some place using my own energy feels very satisfying to me. I do this on other days too. I think other people might enjoy walking or bicycling too if the streets were friendlier to pedestrians and bicycclists.

  2. Good answer :-) I imagine that many people will give up their car for the day to make a statement about the evils of modern technology or the wanton consumption of the world’s resources by the western world.

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