2 Replies to “Carrying a car on a bicycle”

  1. These pics are fabulous, incredible, and amazing. They tell me several things. The common people there cannot afford cars; most pics are filled with bikes, motor bikes, and motorcycles. Who knows what gas costs in those countries! Would we be so industrious if we had to? I wonder. They probably take it in stride. We in America are disgustingly soft. We take our conveniences totally for granted. We should be more thankful and frugal. Who knows when these luxuries will be taken away from us!!

    How can I forward these pics to some of my friends?

  2. If you are using Firefox I believe you can right-click on an image and choose “Save image…”. Then choose a folder in which to save your image. Then open your e-mail program and add that image as an attachment. You can also just email them this link


    and it will take them to the web page.

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