Charlotte, NC

48° F at 7:00 a.m. The reason I have been posting the temperature for different cities is that I have a dislike and a kind of a fear of cold weather. Normally I shut my truck off when I stop for the night, but if it gets below 10° F then I must keep the engine running. This causes the truck to vibrate somewhat an its a little harder to get to sleep. Also I just don’t like having to bundle up in the winter.

Put one person in light clothes in a room at 32° F and another in a room at 100° F and give them both food and water. I believe the person in the cold room will die of hypothermia while the other person could survive much longer, if not indefinitely.

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  1. When trying to predict what it would take to kill a person by heat exhaustion there are many variables to consider: the person’s health and fitness level, his or her age, whether she is resting or exherting herself, etc. I could survive for days in such a room.

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