4 Replies to “Cheraw, SC”

  1. I wish I had called you! We have some mutual friends who were in Myrtle on Good Friday and Saturday. You could have had company.

  2. I wouldn’t drive 110 miles to eat at a Huddle House for anyone I can think of so I can’t imagine that anyone else would either. Maybe I would go to meet family from outside North Carolina.

    Besides, I got there at 9 pm on Saturday and left at 7 am on Monday.

  3. This has nothing to do with anything on your website, but it might work. I discovered that the TV in question was a Sylvania Slimline, but I have no additional info. This is probably worthless now, but we were both wondering a while back.

  4. Re: rendezvous with Myrtle folks, you’re right.

    Re: the TV. If you discovered the TV’s brand name, does that mean you have the owner’s manual?

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