2 Replies to “Deity Shmeity”

  1. “Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, took ill on Thursday, grew worse on Friday, died on Saturday, buried on Sunday, that is the end of Solomon Grundy.”

    I think he is probably a chauvinistic jerk, based on a few things. One, the comment about being “evolution’s gift to women” and two, he basically states that not all rape is created equal. Like the girl who was raped should feel better that she was just taken advantage of instead of attacked.

  2. Thanks for the poem, but I’m not a chauvinistic jerk–just a jerk. I said all rape was bad. I know all rape is a crime. However, one is forced, unwanted sex while the other is forced, unwanted sex with a side of violent assault. I think that matters. Just me?

    I thought “Evolution’s gift to women” was clearly a joke, but if you are truly offended, I will change it.

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