Dolly Sods Wilderness

Photos from a two-night backpacking trip to Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia in July 2015 with my friends Shannon and Keith. The pictures I took of Keith were taken on a rainy day and didn’t turn out well.   

Nervously gripping the rock.   
The spot where we began our hike was very muddy so I wore my Chaco sandals. I decided to keep my sandals on for the rest of the trip.  I normally keep the straps a little loose, but tighten them up when my feet get wet. After trudging through mud for a mile or so I tightened up the straps. On day three I noticed grit was getting trapped between the strap and the top of my foot and had given me an abrasion each foot. I think the next time my Chacos get muddy I’ll leave the straps loose. Hopefully that will prevent abrasions.