Freedom and Justice

[Edit: The government should NOT have access to my private data…]

None of these ideas are new, but I want to make it clear what I believe.

The foundation of my political belief is free speech and individual liberty. I am opposed to laws against hate speech. No one needs to protect speech that we all agree on. We need to protect unpopular speech. The government has no business deciding what speech to allow and what to ban.

I support the right of individuals to encrypt
all their electronic communication and personal data. The government should not have access to my private data without a warrant. NSA, if you want to spy on me you'll have to do it the old fashioned way: sit outside my house with binoculars.

I support the separation of church and state. Religions are powerful institutions. They need not and should not be endorsed by the government.

I lean towards as little government regulation as possible regarding internet service providers and the deals they make with content providers as long as I can still create my own website that anyone can access who has a web browser.

I believe abortion is the killing of a human baby. That said, I believe only women who have had at least one child should have any say regarding the legality of abortion. Younger women, listen to what these women have to say.

I support free and open markets, local and global markets. Why should the wealth of the USA stop at the border? Even so, I don't see any reason not to put a reasonable tariff on imports.

I support the immigration of law abiding people from all nations. I'm okay with limiting the number, but we can certainly allow more into our country than we currently do.

I support the legalization of drugs and other so-called victimless crimes. Take the money it costs to house an inmate and spend that on rehab programs.

I believe that everyone in the world should be treated as a US citizen would be treated while they are on US soil or in US custody with regards to the legal system, i.e. due process, no cruel and unusual punishment, innocent until proven guilty, etc.

I believe no one should be arrested for intending to commit a crime. You don't go to jail and / or trial until you have committed a crime or are at least suspected of committing a crime.

I believe the government should not issue marriage licenses. If two or more consenting adults want to draw up a contract regarding some sort of civil union then that is their business. They need not love each other, but it's fine if they do as long as they intend to abide by the terms of the union.