These are things I own which require electricity, gasoline, or kerosene, etc. They are listed in the order in which they came to mind.

Sirius Satellite radio
Magellan GPS
Amazon Kindle
MacBook Pro
OCW 120G external hard drive
500G external hard drive
Clearwire modem
Linksys wireless router
1993 Honda Accord
Western Digital USB hard drive
Panasonic portable DVD player
Offbrand VCR
Offbrand microwave
Sony Television (share with roommate)
Washer (share with roommate)
Dryer (I think they are both Whirlpool)
Mini Maglight LED
Petzl LED headlamp
Radioshack mulimeter (volt, ohm, amp)
Oster Hair clippers
Sony Playststion 2
Sony Playststion 3
Mini Shop Vac
MSR Whisperlite camp stove
Bic cigarette lighter
Screaming Meanie alarm clock
Sony clock radio
Bose Acoustic Wave Music System
Black & Decker electric drill

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

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  1. I think I’m guessing at the point of this post, by pointing out that the things you rent require electricity and fuels, too:

    Water heater. Electric range/oven. Fridge. Central air/heat.

  2. I used to have a hair drier. I also had a wristwatch but it died and I haven’t replaced it. I just remembered that I also have an analog to digital video converter. It’s one of those things that allow you to record from a VCR onto a computer.

  3. When I first got AOL in the mid-nineties, I never would have guessed that we would be using the Internet to watch movies, download music, share photos, shop, transfer money, network, keep in touch with friends. In the 20th century we had the invention of cars, planes, radio, telephone, television, rocket ships, microwave ovens, computers, internet, and mobile phones. What will happen in the 21st century?

  4. It’s difficult to predict the future but I think in the 21st century we’ll see….

    1. Bionic limbs
    2. Artificial organs (reducing deaths by heart attack)
    3. Implantable computers
    4. Oil independence
    5. Find life on other planets
    6. Universal translators (talk to anyone)
    7. Robot soldiers

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