Ghost in the Machine

Even creationists believe that almost all the processes of life (metabolism, respiration, digestion, reproduction, locomotion, etc) can be explained using biochemistry and physics. They differ from materialists in that they believe people have a soul and they do not believe that materialism can explain the mind, intelligence or morality.

What I am wondering is do creationists believe that non-human animals can be explained in materialistic terms. Do chimpanzees have a soul? They exhibit complex behavior, emotions. They are social animals. Can materialism account for chimp behavior? If so, are humans that much more complex that they require a soul to explain their behavior?

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  1. My creationist mother believes that God created all animals for the benefit of man-kind. They are no different than trees and plants.

    The materialist in me sees no difference among living things that would provide evidence of a soul. Humans just developed a different set of skills needed to improve the probability of the species survival.

    But materialism can’t account for much. We can figure out all the rules in the universe, but can’t explain why things turn out the way they do. For example, we could know about DNA and it’s structure, but there is nothing about it that would predict it would organize itself in chromosomes & then cells & then organisms.

    Life is much more complicated than our simple minds can understand or figure out.

    This is exactly why I find the creationist position amazingly arrogant. They declare an answer, without proof, for a practically unanswerable question. Anyone can do that, but it doesn’t make it true.

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