Going barefoot feels great.

About the The Barefoot Hiker:

“Maybe you’re one of the many people who slip off their shoes as soon as they get home. Maybe you even remember running around barefoot when you were a kid. If so, then you’re already aware that going barefoot is mighty comfortable (and maybe even faintly subversive).

Did you also know that it provides a number of medical benefits? Well, it does; there are lots of chronic problems — and not just foot problems — that are caused in part by wearing shoes unnecessarily.

So have you ever tried barefoot hiking? If not, Richard Keith Frazine would like your attention.

In this altogether charming book, Frazine sets out the case not only for hiking barefoot but for avoiding shoes in general. Far from being unsanitary or gross, he holds, going barefoot is actually physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.”

Review by John S. Ryan

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