Going forward, I won’t use cliches

Why do people say, “going forward,” as in, “We will do things differently going foward”? They can’t go back and change the past, so of course they are speaking of the future. The phrase “from now on” is equally useless. I think maybe people pad their language with extra words to emphasize that they mean business. I did a search for “going forward” at NYTimes.com and was pleased that blogger Toni Monkovic declared it the Cliche of 2009.

2 Replies to “Going forward, I won’t use cliches”

  1. For me the problem is not necessarily that a phrase is over used but that it adds nothing to the sentence. Figures of speach can be great because they pack so much into so few words. The first one that comes to mind is “putting lipstick on a pig.” There aren’t many ways to express that idea using only five words, but they make learning a new language difficult.

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