Hopewell, VA

31° F (-1° C) at 7:00 a.m. I delivered a load of used clothes hangers from a large department store chain to a warehouse at the Petersburg Federal Correctional Institution. My instructions said nothing about the prison so I thought I was lost when I arrived at complex of buildings surrounded by a dense hedge of chain-link fence and razor wire. The warehouse I delivered to was outside the fence and I did not have to go through any security checks. The men that unloaded my trailer all wore matching green uniforms. As I write this I don’t recall seeing any name tags or prisoner numbers on their clothes. There were no physical barriers keeping them from walking off the grounds although there may have been security cameras.

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  1. I think Becky’s comment is very clever. But back to the TV – no, I don’t have the manual. Found the info at another source.

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