Human powered transportation Bicycling inspiration and other Human Powered Vehicles is a recumbent bicycle?

Most people in America think of bicycles as toys, but they are just one kind of human powered vehicle. Sailboats, canoes, and bicycles are just a few examples of vehicles which require no fuel other than the fuel you ate for breakfast. A human powered airplane called the Gossamer Albatross crossed the English Channel on June 12, 1979. The Cycling World Hour Record is over 55 mph. The one-mile speed record for a human powered vehicle is over 78 mph. This was accomplished by building a bicycle which has the rider in a recumbent position and covering the vehicle with a lightweight fairing. In races where they are allowed bicycles built with a recumbent riding position hold all the records. Unfortunately they are not permitted in UCI sanctioned events. The good news is that you can buy your own recumbent bicycle.

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