I am spoiled rotten

I am a spoiled, middle-class, white man. I am in good health. I am single with no children. I have a roommate, but I come and go as I please. My room is a mess and my own personal bathroom is not particularly clean. I spend all my free time doing pretty much as I please, walking, juggling, camping. I don’t have any pets. I rarely contribute to any charities, although I will donate my time and labor to friends on occasion. In 2000 in North Carolina, the median income was $37,847. I make about $19,000 as a control room operator at a TV station. My parents loved me and took good care of me. I have a college degree, but I’ve only had one job which required any college. Some Christians would say that I will go to Hell when I die because I don’t believe that Jesus died for my sins. Maybe it’s because I’ve had an easy life that I don’t cry out to God for help, for forgiveness. Maybe one day I will fall on hard times. Maybe then I will pray in ernest. I don’t know how I’ll behave until I’m in that situation.