I can’t forget Jackie Chan

Do a Google search for “top 10 stunts” and you’ll find page after page listing Jackie Chan stunts. Notice the Google search didn’t mention Jackie Chan. You’ll also find lists mentioning Stagecoach, Ben Hur and other action movies. Every list I found mentioned at least one Jackie Chan stunt. Then I came across a video by James D. Rolfe, aka The Angry Video Game Nerd. (watched 4 million times on Youtube) with his personal list of top 10 Jackie Chan stunts and was reminded why Jackie is the world’s most-loved movie star. Be warned, the video is not for the faint of heart. Jackie punishes his body and risks his life. Jackie Chan deserves a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute, National Society of Film Critics, Taurus World Stunt Awards and the Nobel Foundation.

Here are the stunts you will see in the video:

10. Jackie snowboards down a mountain, off a ramp, onto the landing gear of a hovering helicopter, then jumps into a partially frozen lake after the helicopter explodes. (First Strike, 1996)

9. Jackie sky dives onto the top of a floating hot air balloon, then slides down a rope into the basket of the balloon. (Armour of God, 1987)

8. Jackie bungie jumps from a balcony, but begins with the rope wrapped around him, so as he falls the rope unwraps and he spins furiously until he comes to a stop inches above the pavement. (Who Am I? 1998)

7. Jackie jumps from a tall building onto a rope ladder suspended from a helicopter. (SuperCop, 1993)

6. Jackie slides down 21 stories on a sloped glass building, starting feet first, then flipping over to head first, and twisting around to feet first. When he reaches the end of the slope he is still several stories above the ground and he catches himself on a window ledge adjacent to the slope. (Who Am I? 1998)

5. Jackie roller skates in traffic, jumps over a VW Beetle, in between cars and under a moving tractor trailer. (Winners and Sinners, 1983)

4. Jackie jumps from a building to moving truck to a moving bus then through a real glass window. (Police Story 2, 1988)

3. Jackie hangs from a moving bus by an umbrella, having to lift his feet to avoid hitting other vehicles in traffic. (Police Story, 1985)

2. Jackie does an homage to Harold Lloyd by dropping from a clock face and falling 60 feet through two awnings onto hard-packed dirt. (Project A, 1983)

1. Jackie slides down a metal pole in a shopping mall, crashing through strings of lights, through a class roof onto the floor. (Police Story, 1985)