iPod makes 2004 great year for Apple

“2004 Readers’ Choice Awards for the brand with the most global impact—a title held by Google since 2002. … At Apple’s core is great innovation, beautiful design and an ability to bring warmth and passion to those who may be completely incurious about technical gadgetry but need it nonetheless to survive in today’s world.” from BrandChannel.com

1. Apple Computer (maker of iPod and iMac)
2. Google (internet search engine)
3. IKEA (Swedish furniture retailer)
4. Starbucks (coffee shops)
5. Al Jazeera (That’s right, the Arab language news network)
6. Mini (The car maker)
7. Coca-Cola (I guess they can’t be number one every year)
8. Virgin (British mega brand)
9. Ebay (on-line auction)
10. Nokia (mobile phone maker)