Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield is the greatest juggler I love to hate. He has added a detailed timeline of his rise to fame and his juggling accomplishments on his website. I have purchased juggling balls, videos and his book and I’ve been very pleased with all of them. Jason doesn’t play around when he says he wants to make juggling a competitive sport. He brought competitive juggling to television and with the help of Mark Bakalor is bringing his brand of juggling to the world.

3 Replies to “Jason Garfield”

  1. I don’t really hate him, but he comes off as an arrogant jerk sometimes. He is not necessarily a bad guy, but part of his act is that he tells people in the audience to shut up. He kicks a ball into the audience and then says, “Give it to me,” not “please give it to me” or “would you mind tossing that to me?” Here’s another quote from one of his performances:

    “There’s only one competition for juggling every year. Nobody good ever shows up to it, but they have to give first place to somebody. So the resulting champion is the person who sucked less than anybody else. Now, I differ from these homeless vagabonds because I’ve won this competition numerous times. So I’ve sucked less than more people than anyone else has sucked less than.”

    He has a distinctive style and personality. I’ve never seen another juggler like him and there are very few jugglers as skilled as he is.

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