Jeff Gordon and Mario Andretti

I got to pull this Jeff Gordon / Mario Andretti Racing School trailer from Atlanta Motor Speedway to Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. To pick up the trailer I had to drive through the tunnel onto the infield. Even though no one was racing in Atlanta they still had the emergency medical helicopter parked nearby.

I didn’t get to go onto the Lowe’s Motor Speedway grounds, but I dropped the trailer at a building nearby.

[Posted while in Loudon, Tennessee]

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  1. Wow! I’m impressed! How did this come about? Who asked you? Was it empty or not? Was it larger or about the same size as your trailer? That’s your Schneider cab, right? Great picture. I’ve saved it because I have bragging rights.

  2. I was given this load just like any other. A message was sent to the computer in my truck with the pick-up address , trailer number (this part was unusual because it was not a Schneider number), and the delivery address. This trailer was the same height, width and length as the typical Schneider trailer, but it was lower to the ground and the trailer wheels were smaller. That’s my tractor hooked to it.

    The trailer was loaded although I never saw what was inside. I was told it had five cars in it.

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