Juggling Festival in Winston-Salem this week

I spent several hours at the International Juggling Association Festival yesterday. I saw Vova Galchenko doing amazing things with more props in the air than I could count. I spoke with Jason Garfield briefly as he sat behind his Apple Powerbook or MacBook Pro. Ivan Pecel was showing off or practicing. I couldn’t tell which. There were lots of people juggling 5 objects or more. I really nice guy named Paul showed my nephews John, and Joe how to juggle 3 balls. He did a really good job of keeping their interest. They both qualified the 3 ball cascade in less than 30 minutes. I’ve never been that successful when teaching them. he showed me how to do some new 3 ball patterns and some bounce patterns. I bought a 24 inch unicycle that is really high quality. I am able to ride it, but I must start while leaning against something.

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  1. hey deddy i’m finaly back after a long term brake i was just so busy i’m now the 12 yr. juggler not the 11. I did a juggling performance on march 24 07 and made $50 for only half an hour and i’m going back on july 20th in three days. and i got a unicycle it’s a 20 inch m-uni(mountain uni) it’s got a 2.5 inch tire width. and i can free mount (getting on uni without wall ect.) i can idle go backward bunny hop up to a foot high and i am in a parade in Calmar,Alberta on august 18. For any questions or anything post a comment on my or your blogsite see ya. p.s Kris holm rocks he is the world champ off road unicycler.Happy juggling.

  2. Great work getting a paying gig! I too have a unicycle, but I can’t free mount or bunny hop, yet. I’m having a blast at the IJA Festival. I am learning to pass clubs, a little. I have had some very patient teachers. Thanks to John, Ronnie, Richard, Paul, and Lloyd of Triad Jugglers. Also learned a lot from Paul and Carder (sp?) Stewart from British Columbia, Canada.

  3. Nice post. I got a unicycle some years ago and it took about 2 weeks before I could finally do it. Starting was always the hardest part and I never really did get too good at that. I never learned to go backwards either. You’ll want to pick up that skill pretty soon.

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