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From Juggling Database:

Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle present a weekly podcast, and are now up to episode 18. The podcast features convention and show reviews, interviews with famous jugglers (including Stefan Sing, Viktor Kee, Thomas Dietz and many more), anecdotes, stories, strong opinions and a big helping of silliness. You can download individual episodes or simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

I’ve only listened to Juggling Podcast 18, but Luke gives an interesting description of how Jason Garfield and Vova Galchenko behaved behind the scenes at the WJF UK Open which coincided with the British Juggling Convention.

Update: More information about the juggling podcast.

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  1. Yeah, I listened to that episode and while I figured Jason was a bit of an arrogant sort (evidenced by his dis Bliss routine) I didn’t know Vova was so uppity. I really enjoy his blog and he comes off so normal there.

    Maybe it was just the pressures of the competition.

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