Juggling Practice

See the Juggling Database for descriptions of juggling patternspatterns.

I’ve been trying to practice my juggling regularly. I have developed a routine. I start off by running through my 3 ball patterns for 100 tosses each. I do columns, cascade, reverse cascade, half-shower (left and right), overhead cascade. That usually takes about 15 minutes. Then I’ll work on other tricks that I’m still struggling with like the 3 ball cascade with behind the back throws, or under the leg throws. I’m trying to learn the 3 ball box, but I’m finding it very difficult. I’ll repeatedly attempt a trick for about 15 minutes then take a 1 or 2 minute break and then go at it again for another 15 minutes.

I rarely see any improvement during a practice session unless it is the first time I’ve attempted something. I’ve been attempting the 4 ball synchronous fountain off and on for months (more off than on). The first day I tried, I was all over the place, but even so through sheer luck I was able to maintain the pattern for 15 tosses at least once. Now I am much more controlled and consistent, but I still rarely see a run of more than 15 tosses. The average length of a run has increased, though and I don’t get tired as quickly. If I can continue to practice I feel confident that I will be able to juggle long runs of 4 balls with ease.

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  1. I’m glad you’re still practicing. I’m proud of you for your dedication! Even if you don’t see progress, I can tell you’re getting better.

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