katakomben“The purpose of the Katakomben is to provide a space where juggling can unfold. We have people from all over the world training for themselves in optimal and concentrated conditions, and many jugglers taking workshops from top professionals.

The Katakomben stands for development. Whether it be in technique, concepts, playing, routines, performance or personally. We have two times 200 m² of open training space (one with music and one silent) and seven partitions for focussed work. In addition there are nine fixing points for arial artists and a 100 m² dance studio. The rooms are 6 Meters high, well heated and wonderfully cool in the summer.”
From JonglierKatakomben.de

There might be something like this in New York City or Las Vegas, but unfortunately there aren’t enough jugglers or circus performers in North Carolina to support a place like this.

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