London, Ontario

I spent the night in London after delivering a load in Strathroy, Ontario. I entered Canada at Niagara and I left at Port Huron, Michigan. London is about 210 km east of Detroit.

Note: I was in London on June 30th, but I’m using a new version of WordPress and it doesn’t want to let me edit the date.

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  1. That was to go to Jonathon’s wedding, no?

    I do boring drives every day. It’s my job. I prefer rural highways to city highways. I earn my pay in cities with heavy traffic. In rural areas I can relax and enjoy my thoughts or podcasts, radio.

  2. I agree. Metric actually makes sense! I like the interrelationship between various types of measurements, such as linear and volume, such that you can (easily) measure volume using a measuring stick. How cool is that? ;-)

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