Mac Mini vs. $399 Dell

Apples and oranges
The new Mac mini is only $499, but the Dell Dimension 2400 is only $399. The Mac mini comes with Firewire. The Dell doesn’t. The Mac mini is wireless and bluetooth ready. The Dell is not. The Mac mini comes with 256 MB RAM and 32 MB of Video RAM. The Dell has 256 MB of RAM but 32 to 64 MB of that is shared with the video card. The Mac mini comes with a CD burner. The Dell does not. The Mac mini has a 1 year warranty. The Dell’s is 90 days. The Mac mini comes with the same OS as it’s high-end computers. The Dell has feature-limited Windows XP Home not Windows XP Pro.

From “The Mac mini: Comparing Apples and Oranges” by Dan Frakes at

3 Replies to “Mac Mini vs. $399 Dell”

  1. The Dell Dimension 2400 is a low-end machine. Really low. Lower than the Mac mini. Compare it with some of the 3 GHz machines with a gig of non-shared RAM and a 128 MB video card, all for the same $499. Come on, play fair :-)

  2. That’s the whole point. What’s the best PC you can get for less than $500? It wasn’t about Apple vs. Wintel. That’s a whole other argument.

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