Man vs. Machine

From Wikipedia: Leo Houlding, a British rock climber, appeared in the BBC television program Top Gear in which he raced presenter Jeremy Clarkson up a cliff face in Verdon Gorge. Leo, joined by Tim Emmett, climbed the canyon while Jeremy drove an Audi RS4 to the top using the surrounding roads.

To find out who got to the top first you’ll have to watch the video. I will tell you this, they raced back to the bottom and Leo won. He jumped off the cliff and parachuted to the bottom.

6 Replies to “Man vs. Machine”

  1. Does that smiley face mean you were kidding? It was a stunt / review by the British TV show Top Gear, not a commercial. As I recall they gave the car a glowing review. I don’t know who sponsors the show. They don’t always give Audis favorable reviews.

    Maybe their slogan should be “Faster than walking.”

  2. Yeah, I was kidding. But I’d like to see a self-deprecating commercial. It would be a breath of fresh advertising air. It would be nice to see a company not take itself so seriously, and even honestly admit to some of its products’ shortcomings. I would buy from a company like that.

  3. I think that is a very smart approach. And Tom Bodett comes across as very believable as a result of this down home, no spin approach.

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