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  1. It probably will be this model. He hopes to bring the cost down to $100,000 or less. He is working on a compound engine that will suppress most of the sound and heat to get better fuel mileage. Don’t know about the stability in flight since it is teathered and can only hover at this time.

  2. I bet it’s fuel mileage is a lot worse than a Hummer and I doubt it will ever be as quiet as any car. Imagine four huge fans blowing air a high velocities.

  3. Fuel mileage at this time is 20 mpg, with a compound engine it will increase. It has 8 engines, probably won’t be as quiet as the family sedan, but he has cut the noise level 90 percent with the compound engine.

  4. Aircraft fuel mileage is usually listed in gallons per hour because whether you are hovering or moving forward you are burning fuel. Headwinds also have a greater impact on fuel mileage than a land based vehicle. Also aircraft which can glide get better fuel mileage than vehicles with very little wing surface such as the Skycar. For example a Piper Cherokee with a 35 foot wingspan gets about 9 gallons per hour. I don’t see how the Skycar which has little to no glide capability can do better than 9 gallons per hour.

  5. Moller has his fuel mileage at approx 20 mpg, range 750 miles, by doing some figuring he uses approx 13 to 14 gallons of fuel per hour. I’m not sure how that rates to gallons per hour. The rotary engine is 10% less fuel efficent than a 4 stroke engine, but with a compound rotary engine it should be 10 to 15% more fuel efficent than a 4 stroke engine, per a NASA study.

  6. Was just laughing at myself when i figured out that less gph is better, compared to mpg when more is better. duh

  7. The skycar will be able to land in a 35 ft area, the only way that piper will land in that space is if it crashes

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