More news from IJA 2007

I saw the Welcome Show with my nephews John, Josh, and Joe at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem, NC. The lineup included Ivan Pecel, Jan Slaw, The Fettuccini Brothers, AJ Silver and a few others I am forgetting. One guy flashed 5 ping pong balls with his mouth! The Juniors Champions were two guys from Japan and one guy from the USA. The Japanese guys both got standing ovations and everyone was in tears because of the beauty of their performances. The first place winner did a spectacular 1, 2 and 3 diabolo routine with white diabolos on a red string. The second place winner’s routine involved white rings and clear balls. Both were nicely choreographed and flawlessly performed.

The best part of the festival was socializing with other jugglers and learning from them. Seeing professional jugglers in the flesh was exciting, too. It was a great pleasure watching other jugglers practice and observing a high level of skill and discipline. I can’t wait until I can attend another juggling convention.

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  1. today was my performance and i made $70 bucks. And now from my other performance i made $50 bucks so hats $120 bucks total and i’m putting it toward a giraffe unicycle.could you ask somebody there at the festival if a festival is taking place in alberta. I’m thinking of making A unicycling club in a nereby town of Leduc since I live in the countryside i need to get a ride into town. Are you familiar with Edmonton becuase I don’t know if the states knows as much about canada as we know about them? People in the usa think that us here in canada say ay! Happy juggling

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