My new phone

My previous mobile phone provider was Cricket.  Cricket was a good deal, because I had unlimited minutes and unlimited texting to anywhere in the USA for only $50 a month.  I really liked knowing that, no matter what, my phone bill would always be $50.  The only problem was that the Cricket calling areas in most states are limited to a few metropolitan regions.  Since I am now driving a truck all over the country, I thought I’d go with one of the big service providers.   I eventually wanted to buy an iPhone so I thought I’d go ahead and go with AT&T who is the exclusive service provider for the iPhone.  I wasn’t quite ready to buy the iPhone so I asked if I could use my old Kyocera.  They said that it must be unlocked first.  Cricket said that they “do not unlock” phones.  There are websites that advertise unlocking codes, but I found nothing for my Kyocera Dorado.  Since I was going to have to buy a new phone I decided to go ahead and buy an iPhone.

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