I had mixed emotions when I found out that I was going to North Platte, Nebraska. I love driving across the Great Plains, but this time of year can bring serious snowfall to that region. Luckily, when I arrived, temperatures were in the upper 40’s (about 8 degrees Celsius) and the roads were clear. Nebraska is farther north than Colorado and Denver was in the mid 50’s (18 C). A large portion of the Midwest was experiencing a mild spell.

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  1. The only thing I remember about North Platte, Nebraska is that one of my college roommates came from there. Just like the town, she was nondescript, compared to my other roommates who were quite memorable. I once attempted to write a book called “Roommates,” and how to survive and even thrive in college. Being an only child, my education was enhanced greatly by having four other roommates during each of my four years. One of them has become quite famous – Katherine Helmond. But the one from North Platte – I don’t even remember her name.

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