New MMX balls

MMX ballsI was given a set of PX3 clubs (made by Play) by my friends Henry and Nisha, so when I bought some the MMX balls made by Play, I had high hopes. They perform almost exactly as described,

“As soft as beanbags, these give a great smooth feeling in your hands and always keep a perfect round shape in the air. At the same time the MMX is as durable as a stage ball and easily washable, but doesn’t roll when dropped.”

They do differ from beanbags in that they will roll somewhat but come to a stop quickly because of the loose filling. I still use my beanbags in practice because I can do a two-finger snag in a desperate attempt to keep a ball from hitting the ground. Also the MMX balls will roll off your fingertips like any normal ball will if you don’t get a good grasp on it.

They are definitely more forgiving than regular balls, but not quite as forgiving as beanbags. They do look nice and since they remain spherical in flight I believe it is easier to control their trajectory.