New Springfield, Ohio

At about 22:55 a truck trying to park next to me scraped my truck.

I was in the sleeper when I felt my truck shake. I jumped up front and saw a white van trailer pressed up against the passenger side of my truck. I honked my horn and jumped out of my truck. I walked up to the driver door and just said something like, “You can go ahead and back up.” When he was clear of my truck I walked up to him and said, “If you want to get in this spot you may want to back up further.” He said he was going to park over by the fence which ran along the lot next to the row I where I was parked.

I got back in my truck to get my phone and when I got out of my truck he was gone. I walked around the parking lot to see if I could see see a white truck moving around but all the vehicles were parked. I didn’t catch the name or any numbers on his truck.