2 Replies to “Ochlockonee River State Park, Florida”

  1. Beautiful photos!! Crazy names for state parks! Your tent looks so lonely. How did you bolt it to the ground? How’s the weather been? Seen any unwelcome creatures? What are you eating? Where is your car?

    1. The ground is soft and sandy. Perfect for using ordinary tent stakes. My tent is a freestanding tent so stakes aren’t necessary to keep it upright.

      The green part is the rain fly. I use a couple stakes to hold it away from the bug net underneath.


      The skies have been crystal clear. Highs in the mid 60’s, lows in the low 40’s.

      The only wildlife I’ve seen are deer, squirrels and birds.

      I’ve been eating canned soup, granola bars, pepperoni (has a pretty long shelf life unrefrigerated), peanuts, raisins. I drove to town yesterday and got a Subway sandwich.

      My car is about 20 feet from my tent.

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