5 Replies to “Odd and Even”

  1. So, you could predict with 66.6% accuracy the oddness or evenness of the sum of two completely random integers. It seems like there should be some practical use for that information.

  2. While the number observation is right, the dice one isn’t. In the world of numbers, each one has the same probability of occurring. In the world of dice however, some numbers are more likely than others.

    Thus there are 18 chances to get even numbers and 18 chances to get odd ones.

    I like your blog by the way and thanks for the comments you left on mine. I added a link to yours under the Juggling Blog category.

  3. I didn’t really think the dice thing through. I shouldn’t go around making claims like that without doing my research.

    I can’t believe I didn’t have you listed among my Juggling links. I have remedied the situation.

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