Once in a lifetime opportunity

David Letterman
I can’t believe it. I check my email very irregularly and from time to time I see that someone has sent a message to my Youtube account. Usually they are just random people commenting on my videos or inviting me to check out other video sharing websites. Well today I noticed that I had a message from a researcher from the David Letterman Show saying they like my juggling videos and asking me if I would be willing to participate in a segment on the show. The only problem is that the message was 4 months old. I replied stating that I was sorry I had missed this opportunity. Maybe next time. [sigh]

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  1. I should say that my juggling videos are some of the least interesting juggling videos you’ll ever see. I can only imagine that the Letterman Show was probably going to do jokes at my expense. I like to think that I have a sense of humor and would have been a good sport.

  2. I’m so sorry! You missed your 15 minutes of fame. Who knows what opportunities might have resulted?

    Does this mean you’ll be checking your email more often?

  3. You know, it’s kind of like always looking up in case you get hit by a meteorite. You really can’t prepare yourself for something like that. If it hits you it hits you. If it doesn’t it doesn’t. But then they say, Luck favors the prepared. I’m too lazy to be prepared.

  4. David! Man I would’ve been so stoked to see you on the TV!! maybe they will call you back. How’s the road? I’ll be starting back hauling cars pretty soon, hopefully I’ll see you out there somewhere, let me know if you take a few months off, I’d be happy to turn the rig over to a pro! So, when are you going to take your Ham radio exam? KJ4BEE

  5. If you can bring in the business, I’d be happy to deliver the goods.

    Even in the age of the Internets, and other forms of digital communication technology, I think it’s so cool that any amateur can transmit and receive messages from around the world.

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