People vs. Machines

I’d like to develope a list of comparisons between humans and machines. We can build machines which by far supersede any human abilities, but what things can a human do that a machine cannont?

Here are some things which machines can do better than people:
– Lift heavy objects
– Tolerate extreme temperatures
– Drill, saw, cut, dig (But they usually require the guidance of a person)
– Operate under extremely high or low atmospheric pressure
– Operate under water
– Repeat the same motion(s) over and over for hours without complaint

Here are some things machines cannot do as well as humans:
– Metabolize organic material (Biochemists: feel free to set me straight here)
– Reproduce themselves
– Understand human language
– Play ball
– Play the game Go . Big Blue was a machine that beat a chess master.
– Handwriting recognition
– Speech recognition
– Hand gesture recognition
– Facial expression recognition
– Facial identification
– Object and shape recognition
– Object and shape manipulation
– Three dimensional navigation capabilities, collision avoidance
– Climb stairs
– Drive cars
– Ride bicycles, unicycles
– Of course there’s the whole art/creativity/worship/emotion thing too

Please comment if you would like to add to the list

Eternal Order of Heaven? Ha!


I believe that rule of law is important, but the law must be flexible and change with the needs and desires of the people. That’s the great thing about the Constitution. The ability to change it was built in. I disagree completely with statements on their website like “eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.”

The only rules of order are the ones humans have made, unless you are talking about the laws of physics.

They talk about a moral and religious foundation which is being attacked. The religious leadership has been making this complaint since the time of Moses There is a cycle of struggle and acceptance and compromise that has been going on for all of history. One thing that is different today is that there is no New World to escape to.

My resume

Jobs I’ve had:

Biscuit maker at Bojangles Famous Chicken and Biscuits
Security officer
Surveyor’s assistant
Unloaded trucks at UPS
Clerk in campus engineering office
Campus grounds crew worker
Campus cafeteria worker
Telephone market research
Market research interviewer at local mall
Camp counselor
Sign maker at sign shop franchise
Cook at pizza restaurant
Waiter at pizza restaurant
Parking attendant at civic arena
Cab driver
Mail sorter in USPS distribution center
Data entry for USPS
CAD technician for land surveying company
Customer service representative for credit card company
Weather observer at local airport
School bus driver
Over-the-road truck driver
Master control operator at local television station

This guy makes my heart soar with joy

Read Eric S. Raymond’s critique of poorly designed, slow-to-load websites: HTML Hell. He probably would have something to say about Blogger because it is heavy on the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). He skewers all those websites with dancing flames and scrolling marquees and background music.

Akira Kurosawa

“If you shut your eyes to a frightening sight, you end up being frightened. If you look at everything straight on, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Narrative in films normally depends on dialogue, but I find this boring. I try to remove unnecessary dialogue. If you watch early silent films you can appreciate this. I still like watching silent films. And when I’m making a film I try to imagine what a scene would be like if it were silent and I try to leave out unnecessary dialogue.”

-Akira Kurosawa (1910 – 1998)