Freedom and Justice

[Edit: The government should NOT have access to my private data…]

None of these ideas are new, but I want to make it clear what I believe.

The foundation of my political belief is free speech and individual liberty. I am opposed to laws against hate speech. No one needs to protect speech that we all agree on. We need to protect unpopular speech. The government has no business deciding what speech to allow and what to ban.

I support the right of individuals to encrypt
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McDonald’s iPhone App

I ordered using the McDonald's app for the first time today. I chose in-store pickup. I stood near the counter and waited. I saw my number come up on the board. I saw my number move up to the top of the list. A little while later I looked up and my number was gone. I got in line at the register. When I got to the head of the line I asked about my order. The cashier said she had walked around the dining room calling my number. I asked if they could get my order now, please. She said it would be just a few minutes. I said, Okay. A few minutes later they had my order ready. The cashier offered a free dessert for my trouble.

Next time I'll be careful to choose table service. The tables at this location are labeled with a number to make it easier for the server to bring you your food.

Romeoville, Illinois
Latitude, Longitude
41.672112, -88.068115

Podcasts 2017

I’ve come across some podcasts which I think are different from the mainstream, intelligent but not incomprehensible. Even if I disagree with the message the ideas presented in these podcasts are often thoughtful and interesting, sometimes shocking or dumb but funny. 

•Love + Radio (pronounced luvandradee-o)
•Penn’s Sunday School
•Reasonable Faith Podcast
•Revisionist History
•Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty
•Waking Up with Sam Harris
•Levar Burton Reads
•Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
•Planet Money
•Hello Internet

Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Latitude, Longitude
33.953709, -80.989700