Pennsylvania, Louisiana and points between

After finishing my training in Charlotte, Schneider, my employer, put me in a truck with what they call a training engineer for ten days to two weeks. To be a training engineer (TE) at Schneider you must have three years experience with the company and go through a TE training program. For the last week or so I have been driving my TE’s truck from state to state making deliveries while he supervises me and ensures that I drive safely while I learn the ropes. I did this once before back in 2003, and not much has changed since then. In our time together we made deliveries in Harrisburg, PA, Baton Rouge, LA, Dublin, GA, and Rural Hall, NC. I think we made some other stops, too, but I don’t recall where they were at the moment.I should complete my time with my TE this week and will probably be assigned to my own truck soon.