People vs. Machines

I’d like to develope a list of comparisons between humans and machines. We can build machines which by far supersede any human abilities, but what things can a human do that a machine cannont?

Here are some things which machines can do better than people:
– Lift heavy objects
– Tolerate extreme temperatures
– Drill, saw, cut, dig (But they usually require the guidance of a person)
– Operate under extremely high or low atmospheric pressure
– Operate under water
– Repeat the same motion(s) over and over for hours without complaint

Here are some things machines cannot do as well as humans:
– Metabolize organic material (Biochemists: feel free to set me straight here)
– Reproduce themselves
– Understand human language
– Play ball
– Play the game Go . Big Blue was a machine that beat a chess master.
– Handwriting recognition
– Speech recognition
– Hand gesture recognition
– Facial expression recognition
– Facial identification
– Object and shape recognition
– Object and shape manipulation
– Three dimensional navigation capabilities, collision avoidance
– Climb stairs
– Drive cars
– Ride bicycles, unicycles
– Of course there’s the whole art/creativity/worship/emotion thing too

Please comment if you would like to add to the list

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