2 Replies to “Percival, Iowa”

  1. So, did you measure the length of that straight stretch of road? On roads like that, I like to guess the distance then see how close or how far off I was.

  2. I do that, too, sometimes, but on this road I was on foot. I didn’t drive down it. With my GPS I like to see how far it is until the next curve in the road. I can zoom in or out on the GPS display until I see the next curve and I get an estimate of the distance by looking at the scale on the display. It’s rare that a straight stretch is longer that two or three miles. I have occasionally been on highways that went 10 miles without a curve. There is a stretch of I-80 in Utah that goes for about 40 miles with no hills or curves. There are other longer straight roads in the world but I haven’t driven on them.

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