3 Replies to “Shanghai Circus”

  1. Can’t wait to watch this. By the way, when did YouTube remove the 10 minute video limit? Last year, they increased the file size limit to 1 GB, but I hadn’t noticed that they removed the time limit until now.

  2. Don’t know. I recently had a hard time uploading a 9 megabyte file. It took multiple attempts over a period of several days to finally upload successfully.

  3. The new limit of 1 GB is nice (though with HD you could hit the 1 GB limit very quickly. One person said that 1080p was about 75 MB per minute, but he didn’t say what codec he was using). I also read that YouTube reencodes uploaded videos to 320×240 QVGA, so you could upload a lot more by starting with that resolution.

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