Sing a little song

If you ever get bored you can learn a new skill, talk to a stranger, skip down the sidewalk, climb a tree, bang a pot with a spoon, jump a rope, fly a kite, cross a stream, climb a ladder, learn to juggle, paint a picture, sing a little song, do a little dance, laugh really loud, watch the clouds, lie in the grass, count stars, get your toes wet, throw a frisbee, cut some cloth, tap your toe, ride a bike, clap your hands, throw a rock, ride a horse, say the f-word, catch a cold, get dirt under your fingernails, take a chance, drive a truck, dig a hole, start a fire, blow a kiss, toss a water balloon, splash in the pool, shoot a squirt gun, read a book, have an argument, shoot a marble, eat a frog, pet a dog, spin a top, ride a motorcycle, flip a pancake, fry an egg, strike a match, go bowling, go skating, shoot a gun, snap a rubber band, play ping pong, roll a bowling ball, spit a seed, whistle a tune.

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