Sword Swallowing

Sword swallowers amaze me. I’ve seen three performers in person. The first was in 1987 when Western Guilford High School took the senior class to the state fair. I went to a show in a tent and saw a guy swallow a really long screw driver. I believe there were other performers that did other acts but I only remember the guy with watery eyes and a screw driver down his throat.

The next sword swallower I saw was Keith Nelson (aka Mr. Pennygaff) of Bindlestiff Cirkus. He swallowed scissors, swords and lit neon tubes. A great act. Nelson has many other talents including juggling. Most recently I went to a Rennaisance Festival near Charlotte and watched a guy do a whole forty-five minute act centered around his sword swallowing. I should have written down his name.

[Posted from Harrisonburg, Virginia]