WordPress Strangeness

I accidentally deleted my blog. My web hosting company is Bluehost and they use a system called SimpleScripts to facilitate installing things like WordPress and MediaWiki, etc. You can view all of your script installations in one place. Well, my list showed three WordPress installs. This is correct. I have a couple of test blogs that I use to experiment with layout, etc. My main blog was listed like this:


I had several other scripts installed, a couple photo galleries, a wiki, a web site builder, etc. I wanted to delete everything except my three WordPress blogs. I clicked away and I clicked on the one that looked like this:


Well, it turns out that was my main WordPress installation. There is no undelete button. I immediately logged into cPanel and downloaded the last backup of the MySQL database for my blog. Fortunately, when you delete a blog using SimpleScripts it doesn’t delete all of your files. I used Bluehost’s backup and restore utility to restore the databse and I used SimpleScripts to install a new WordPress blog and I edited the wp-config file to match the correct database settings. It didn’t work.

I then downloaded WordPress from WordPress.org and uploaded it via FTP. I created a new wp-config file, uploaded that and voilĂ ! All of my posts were restored, but the website showed up as a blank page. I then installed a new theme and it worked. For some reason the Twenty Eleven theme was broken. Maybe when you delete a blog using SimpleScripts it breaks certain themes.

WordPress keeps all your images in a folder called wp-content. I restored this folder and switched back to my old theme. So far everything seems to be working okay.

Buying a Manufactured Home

Because I have a low income my bank would only offer me $50,000 for a mortgage. In this part of the country, that will buy you a 900 square foot house that is 50 years old with the back yard abutting the interstate. So now I’m looking at the possibility of buying a manufactured home. Here is what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about it.

Blog problems

I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress so I followed the instructions and backed up my WordPress database using phpMyAdmin. I then thought I’d attempt to restore my blog using my backup file. What I didn’t know was that my backup file was incomplete. When I attempted the restore, phpMyAdmin gave an error. I decided to look at the backup file with a text editor and saw that the file ended part-way through a comment. I did a backup in December 2006 so I tried restoring my database with that file. It worked. The only problem is that all of my posts since December 15th have been lost.

What I learned: Check the database backup file for completeness with a text editor before I attempt to restore.

Dead on arrival

I destroyed my blog posts from June 2005 to the present. Whew. I don’t know what to say. When I get motivated I will describe in detail how I did it as a warning to anyone who wants to use the phpMyAdmin tool. phpMyAdmin is a web based program that allows you to interact with MySQL, a database program. Most blogs use some sort of database to store all of the posts, categories, tags, etc. My blog is powered by WordPress which uses MySQL.


MySQL is not dummy proof and I am a dummy. I was going to create a backup of my blog (by backing up the blog’s database) and I clicked the wrong thing and apparently I trashed my entire database. After I recover from the shock at how easy it is to unintentionally wipe out a database I may attempt to learn what I did wrong.